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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Murder House Makes a comeback!

“American Horror Story: Hotel” is going to have a plot bend that will look exceptionally natural and wonderful to fans – Ryan Murphy is coming back to the notorious house that propelled the awfulness arrangement.

We were outside the Victorian style L.A. house on Wednesday when Lady Gaga came cruising out concealing her face, yet we know she was there to shoot “AHS” scenes.

Murphy had indicated the ‘homicide house’ may be included in the new season – however our shot of Gaga makes it a lock, in addition to there were different pieces of information. The already run down home now has crisp finishing, another created iron entryway, and old timey autos … a major clue the spooky house will show up in a flashback.

Executioner turn … make the most of our shots from the set.


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