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Richard Simmons Was ‘Laughing and Joking’ After Hospitalization and ‘Looks Really Great,’ Says Cop on Scene

Richard Simmons “looks really great” after his hospitalization for severe indigestion, according to a police officer at the fitness guru’s return home Thursday.

Simmons’ housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, called LAPD detective Kevin Becker to help with the paparazzi as Simmons arrived back at his West Hollywood home, hidden under a blanket.

“He looks really great,” Becker tells PEOPLE. “He is getting older like all of us but he is in good shape. He is in great spirits. He was laughing and joking and talking. He is very friendly, very funny.”

Simmons “has got a little bit of a beard,” says Becker, but otherwise is just as fit as ever.

“He is just fine. He is just a private guy now.” he says. “If he wants to go somewhere, he goes.”

“His housekeeper Teresa couldn’t be nicer,” Becker says. “She is the gatekeeper, and there is no doubt about that. She looks out for him.”

Becker added that Simmons didn’t seem bothered by the paparazzi, but clearly just wants to stay home for the time being.

“There may be a time when he comes back out and does something but right now he is just happy being at home,” Becker says. “He has a beautiful home. The house is just immaculate. It is just gorgeous. I don’t blame him for not coming out.” Becker added that Simmons appears to be eating well, since he has lots of healthy food around the house.

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