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Adele L.A. Sellouts Are Cute, But Taylor Swift’s Still Queen

Adele selling out 6 nights in L.A.’s Staples Center is a record, but it’s nowhere near good enough to stop Taylor Swift‘s banner from flying in the rafters there.

Earlier this year, Taylor played 5 consecutive sellouts at Staples, and sources at AEG tell us Adele did break that record by selling out her 6 nights in mere minutes. What she didn’t do … is top T. Swizzle’s lifetime record of 16 sold out shows.

You’ll recall Kobe Bryant presented Tay Tay with her own championship-style banner that hangs in the arena. A lot of fans thought Adele’s 6 night run would mean the banner comes down.

No dice. Adele will be looking up at Taylor every night at Staples


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