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Brad Pitt wants joint custody with Angelina Jolie of their children

887943-bmsbWhen last we left the Jolie-Pitt divorce, Angelina Jolie had been granted temporary custody over their children.

Pitt is currently under investigation by a child welfare agency in Los Angeles over an undisclosed incident aboard a private jet with his children and Jolie. The very next day after the incident, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt after two years of marriage.

Court filings now show that Pitt is seeking joint custody of their six children, with Jolie seeking full physical custody over them. A temporary agreement is in place that allows Pitt to see his children while the divorce proceedings and the welfare investigation continue.

Typically, joint custody is the optimal outcome for divorces – however, the fact that Pitt is currently under investigation may work in Jolie’s favour. It’s also likely that both Pitt and Jolie may come to an agreement in private without further details of their private life leaking into the public.

Pitt recently skipped a premiere of a documentary – Voyage Of Time – he narrated that was directed by Terence Malick, citing his family issues detracting from the documentary’s message.

Jolie, meanwhile, has kept out of the public eye since the events and has reportedly not been seen in public since filing for divorce.

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