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Greta Gerwig comes of age with ‘Lady Bird’

NEW YORK (AP) — Greta Gerwig has been an actress in 25 films, a co-writer on five and co-director of one. She’s assembled wardrobes, done makeup and — thanks to her 5 foot-9-inch height — held the boom mic. She has, in a sense, been building up for a long time to her directorial debut: “Lady Bird.”

“I was accumulating my 10,000 hours,” Gerwig said in a recent interview in a tucked-away room at Lincoln Center. “When I finished this script, I thought: You’re still going to learn things but you’re not going to learn anything more by not doing it. Whatever learning happens now is going to happen by doing it. I just decided to take the leap.”

It’s at this moment while contemplating the culmination of her professional life that a famished Gerwig first spies her lunch. “Oh my goodness it’s a sammy,” she exclaims — a revelation quickly followed by another. “Oh my feet are so dirty from standing outside barefoot.”

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