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Jim Carrey – Authorities Found Rx Pills In Girlfriend’s House Under Carrey Alias

carrey-cathriona-whiteJim Carrey’s better half – who submitted suicide by overdosing on medications – had 3 pill bottles alongside her bed where she was found, and the pills were all endorsed to an imaginary male … also, law authorization lets us know it’s a pseudonym for Jim Carrey.

We’re told Cathriona White had solutions for Ambien (tranquilizer), Percocet (painkiller), and Propranolol (circulatory strain/heart) beside the bed where she OD’d. Each of the 3 meds were recommended by the same specialist.

Law implementation lets us know they’ve affirmed the solution was composed for Jim Carrey utilizing a false name. Truth is, bunches of celebs utilization pseudonyms for medicines for protection reasons.

One source lets us know a witness has said there’s motivation to trust Cathriona may have taken the meds from Jim’s home, however that hasn’t been affirmed.

We’re advised powers might want to talk with Jim.

Despite the fact that powers say White passed on of an overdose, they don’t know which medications slaughtered her. Toxicology results ought to give answers.

We’re likewise told 5 individuals appeared at White’s home and found the body. She called them saying she was upset in light of the fact that Jim surprisingly parted ways with her on Sept. 24th. She was discovered 5 days after the fact and left a suicide note tended to Jim.

We contacted Carrey’s camp … so far no remark.

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