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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Could Have Broken Up Years Ago, But She Straight Up Refused

Lately, it feels like another beloved celebrity couple is biting the dust every week, but there’s one who’s already proven they can go the distance. After being married for four years and together even longer than that, it seems safe to assume that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are in it for the long haul, especially after hearing a new story about their earlier days together. In a new interview with The GuardianLegend revealed he almost broke up with Teigen, but she wouldn’t let him. Not only is this so typical of the relationship they seem to have, but it also might be why they’ve managed to stay together for so long.

According to Legend, they have one breakup in their history together, and it lasted less than half an hour. Apparently, he decided that they needed to go their separate ways because he was too stressed out trying to juggle his career and a relationship, but Teigen wasn’t having it.

“I was really stressed and busy,” he said. “I was just like: ‘I’d just be happier single right now,’ and she was like: ‘No.’”

On Sunday night, after the interview went live, Teigen turned to Twitter to share her side of the story, and yep, it’s exactly how it sounds.

Anyone who’s been in a serious relationship before knows that sometimes, you have to pick up the slack for your partner… and in Teigen’s case, that meant stopping him from making what would have obviously been a huge mistake. And from what we know about Teigen and Legend’s relationship, this sounds exactly like something that would have happened between them. Teigen never lets anyone push her around, so if she thought Legend shouldn’t call it quits, of course she just said no.

And who knows? Maybe the fact that Teigen refused to let Legend dump her is why they’ve managed to stay together for so long. It’s a funny story, but it does take real commitment to make any relationship work. That means not being willing to give up easily, even in difficult situations — whether that situation is feeling overwhelmed by your career or, as Teigen said, dealing with your whiny boyfriend. This is just one example that proves Teigen and Legend are capable of pressing on, no matter what life throws at them… and that Teigen is just as stubborn as I’d imagine she’d be.

It’s a really good thing that Teigen did say no, because it’s hard to imagine a world where she and Legend’s social media posts for and about each other don’t exist. And a world without their adorable daughter, Luna, is even worse to think about.

Teigen and Legend may just last forever, if for no other reason than the fact that she’s not willing to let go. That’s determination.

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