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Justin Bieber Naked Pics Not THAT Bad … ‘Reason I’m That Big

justin-bieber-tmz-7Justin Bieber’s legal advisors are yelping around three naked pics taken of him out of town in Bora, yet we know Justin isn’t too pissed on the grounds that the shots indicate exactly how … Skilled he is.

Different sources near Bieber tell TMZ he was vexed paparazzi, furnished with telephoto lenses, snapped the photographs of his butt (and different parts) stripped skipping with Jayde Pierce. We’re told he thought it was an aggregate attack of his protection.

We saw it the same way, and chose NOT to post the pictures. However, our sources say Justin’s indignation blurred when the pics circulated around the web … for one apparently bigger than normal reason: Bieber’s a huge arrangement, and we’re told he’s upbeat the world knows it now.

As we reported, JB’s legal advisors undermined media outlets that distributed the pics. We’re told his legitimate group was simply doing its employment … sending the message that Justin’s not alright with the infringement.

Yet, the truth is, there’s very nearly zero chance Justin sues … ’cause as is commonly said, size matters.

Image credit from TMZ

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