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Lisa Vanderpump Fancy Dinners On Me, Kids!

Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd hosted a unique dinner at their restaurant — an awesome reward for at-risk kids who excelled in school and in their community.

LV teamed up with outreach group DEAP in Love to give the kids their 1st fine dining experience … with a few criteria set up by the Covenant House. To be eligible for the tasty prize … teens had to have perfect school attendance, keep a clean room, and volunteer at the shelter where they live.

14 kids made the cut and dined at Sur in West Hollywood. They got to order whatever they wanted off the trendy menu, including ahi tuna, steaks, premium burgers and even fancy drinks … virgin only.

Each one got a special send-off including a fancy box of chocolates and makeup for the girls. Ken and Lisa donated shoes and clothes as well.








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