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Many fans of Netflix The Crown have been eager to get details about The Crown season two as soon as they rapidly consumed all of the first season of the series that tells the story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. So the release of a video teasing The Crown season two on the sleepy last days of summer was a welcome gift to those eager to find out when they can once again binge on the most expensive Netflix series to date. Fans of The Crown are eager to catch even a glimpse of the last season to feature Claire Foy and Matt Smith before their roles are recast for The Crown Season 3.

It has been confirmed by the creators of Netflix The Crown that nearly all the major roles would need to be recast after The Crown season two wraps. They believed that Foy and Smith, credible to play Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in their twenties, would not possibly be able to make the stretch to play the Monarchs in their forties which they would need to be for The Crown Season 3.

But there will still be new cast members added to season two of The Crown, and one will be a familiar face to fans of Downton Abbey. Matthew Goode, who played Henry Talbot, Lady Mary’s second husband will join the show as Antony Armstrong-Jones, Princess Margaret’s husband-to-be for The Crown Seasnon 2.

But while Princess Margaret will finally get hitched in Netflix The Crown season two, the video teases that there ismarital discord between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The video opens with Queen Elizabeth concerned that people are still talking about Prince Philip’s alleged roving eye.

“The rumors still haven’t gone away.”

But Prince Philip is not going to let Queen Elizabeth doubt him, as he assures her that the press has bigger fish to fry and that he has her back no matter what.

“Is it not possible that among all of those problems [the prime minister resigning, issues with Margaret and her mother], there are some of us who are there for you no matter what?”

And while fans of Netflix The Crown know that Antony Armstrong Jones played by Matthew Goode is being added to the cast, the video also showed that two other actors will be added to The Crown playing President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour have been cast to play the popular president of the early sixties. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip crossed paths with The Kennedys at Buckingham Palace on an official visit.

Most importantly, fans of Netflix The Crown have a date for The Crown season two so they can plan to start bingeing again for the holidays. Netflix says that on December 8, The Crown Season 2 will drop.

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