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Philippines: Actress Maria Isabel Lopez fined for using VIP traffic lane

Actress Maria Isabel Lopez has had her driving licence revoked in the Philippines after she used a driving lane reserved for dignitaries attending a key summit in Manila, officials say.

The Filipina movie star has been fined and barred from reacquiring a driver’s licence for the next two years.

Ms Lopez is reported to have said she had to use the lane reserved for summit officials to have a “bladder break”.

The former beauty pageant winner has starred in several hit films.

The award-winning actress, 55, said on Facebook that she needed “a bladder break” because she had been travelling by road for hours.

But the country’s transport department accused her of dangerously removing orange cones that cordoned off a lane in the road for officials attending the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) meeting earlier this month.

Ms Lopez posted a video online, in which she could be heard shouting “Yeeeeeo! Asean, here I come!”, as her vehicle entered the VIP lane.

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