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Saturday Night Live Recap: Tiffany Haddish Is the ‘Last Black Unicorn’

Even if you haven’t seen Tiffany Haddish’s emphatic, oft-raunchy stand-up, you’ve probably seen one of the projects that arrived as a result of it. Key & Peele’s Keanu and The Carmichael Show certainly provided glimpses of what she is capable of onstage, and this summer’s giddy, bawdy Girls Tripbest translated her stage persona. By the time audiences flocked to the movie, everyone took notice of Haddish’s talent. (Anyone who has seen Girls Trip’s “grapefruit scene,” or, say, her incredibly charming swamp tour anecdote on Kimmel, won’t forget it.) Haddish is also the first black female comic to host SNL, as shocking as that sounds. Should be interesting to see how down and dirty SNL gets, and if musical guest and former host Taylor Swift makes her way into the mix.

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