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Supermodel Gigi Hadid gets trolled for showing off armpit hair; but are they even hair?

The new video featuring Gigi might have looked like she was showing off her hairy pits, but that was not the case.


When a sporty and fun new video of Gigi Hadid was released yesterday, people from across the world had two reactions. One group of people loved the sporty, sweaty avatar of the supermodel. The other group took to trolling Gigi.

Why, you ask? Because the video seemed to feature Gigi showing off her armpit hair. Trolls took to social media to comment on how gross the 22-year-old model looked, especially because of the fuzz in her pits.

While some people took to trolling her, especially on Instagram and YouTube, others found Gigi’s au naturel look empowering and inspiring. But all this online discussion was deemed quite pointless when sources close to Gigi revealed to TMZ that what looked like armpit hair actually wasn’t!

The sources, in fact, commented that the fuzz was actually “residue” from the navy jacket she was sporting for a part of the shoot. Apparently, the shoot had Gigi looking oily and sweaty, and the fabric of the jacket rubbed off and stuck to her armpits–giving her the unshaved look.

A closer look at pictures from the shoot, and one is confused about it all. Is it actually jacket “residue” or just an unshaved pit? What do you think?

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