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The Queen jumbles the bookies at Ascot

The Queen’s closet is an abundance of consumable shades – from sugared almond pinks to level white tans – and, at 8e129c44-3e30-4f1a-a9af-08861f605188-777x1020Ascot today, she has kept up the topic. This cap cases to be pistachio (evidently the Queen “sewed up” the bookies by wearing the tint) however the coat is genuine turquoise – the sort of shading you just get on desserts that turn your tongue blue. It’s fizzy, and lively and conflicts delightfully with both the exemplary chestnut tote around her arm and the shading of the grass she’s strolling on. Talking of which, a word on her lower legs, so round thus recognizable in those loafers and skin-shaded stocking that like the man lower leg – AKA the mankle – they merit their own name. All hail the quankle, one-lady style

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